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Annuity Benefits


If you were married at least a full year before your death, your spouse may receive the money in your Individual Account as a monthly annuity payment for life. Your surviving spouse may, however, choose to receive a lump-sum payment instead of the lifetime annuity. When an annuity has been purchased, the transaction cannot be changed.

If you are not married, or if your spouse has consented to designating another Beneficiary, that Beneficiary may choose to receive payment of your Individual Account balance as a lump sum, or as a lifetime annuity with monthly payments.

If your Beneficiary elects to take payments other than in a single lump sum distribution, there are special rules under the Annuity Plan that may affect the timing and amount of distribution made over time.

An Individual Account is set up for you as soon as contributions are made on your behalf. You will receive a statement from the Recordkeeper every quarter that shows all Employer contributions related to your work in the previous quarter, earnings on your accumulated value in your Account and the current value of your Account. You will begin to receive the value of your account balance when you become eligible and elect an optional form of distribution.

Your Individual Account consists of the total contributions made on your behalf, as well as investment income on those contributions, and less operating expenses. You decide how to invest the contributions in different funds offered by the Annuity Plan. The total value of the Individual Accounts fluctuates depending upon changes in the value of your underlying investments.

The Annuity Plan’s operating expenses are deducted quarterly from all Accounts. All the Individual Accounts are valued daily.

Under the Annuity Plan, you are responsible for investment elections in a manner and form prescribed by the Fund Administrator and Recordkeeper. The Board of Trustees may periodically change current investment options and offer new investment options to you.

If you do not make an investment election, your Individual Account will be invested in the default investment option. You may change the way you invest your Individual Account and transfer funds between the investment options according to the rules and election per8ods communicated to you by the Fund Administrators and/or Recordkeeper.

You may access your account at:

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Representatives are available Monday – Friday 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time

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